Languid Motion

by Swan Messiah

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released October 10, 2010



all rights reserved


Swan Messiah Melbourne, Australia

Swan Messiah emerged from the elysian depths of Port Philip Bay in the winter of 2010.
Wielding antipodean styled doom and dystopian drones, taking respectful cues from its misanthropic metal ancestry and dark folk traditions, Swan Messiah spent the ensuing winters conjuring its layered sound to wash upon the shore on which it currently rests. ... more

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Track Name: Envy the Sloth
Envy The Sloth

It's the object of your envy
It's the apple of your lazy third eye
While the moss grows on your spirit
Celebrity becomes your new religion but why?

As the leading hand folds over
Your body fails to rise from the couch
Vanquished zealots switch the light off
From the shallow view maintained in your house

You envy the sloth
It's not a creature of the cloth
It's a fiend
It sees inside you at first
Before it finds its mind inside you
You're cursed with its greed
You envy the sloth

At one mile per hour
Its movement mirrors that of slobs like yourself
When the judgement comes upon you
The sentence given will reflect your poor health in your life

A pale throated death squad
Will be sent to punish idleness soon
But before you meet your maker
The sloth will claw and feed on flesh from your bone

While its eyes look down upon you
Your death is slow while terror flavours your meat
As your offal feeds the monster
Your life of apathy and greed is complete
Track Name: Dark Mountain Coma
Been wasting there too long with nature aside
Where bridges meet swampland and oil meets ocean
Where violence the night on depression will ride
And loneliness feeds on the fuel of slow motion

From far come the dead men with small pockets and brains
Bringing with them diseases of half witted angels
And gloom filters down through the gutters and drains
Lending texture to folklore and fear to old fables

As birds drown in liquid that's thicker than blood
And waves tell of nothing but darkness and danger
The gray mountain rises from famine and flood
The elixir of greed to the life of a stanger

The westerly teases with dust but it's cursed
It brings nothing but grief to the heart of a loner
As night falls upon this great city of thirst
I retreat to the world of my dark mountain coma
Track Name: Have You Fallen From The Moon?
Not good or bad but wretched types
Fall beyond the sun
They're caught by midnight zephyrs
Where the wild zealots run

Marched up to the watchtowers
They can't mistake the view
Of children dressed in scarlet
And their killers dressed in blue

While edging through the granite sea
The wizard's monsoon swells
Distinguishing the virgin's sin
And feeding dried up wells

The blazes in the distant mountains
Fuel the wings of hawks
Painted by the phantom's hand
While arsonists they walk

Curious endeavors of the
Temple Junky's ride
Impaled on the sun dial
While dragonflies collide

Getting here from nowhere but
Delivered from the sky
Returning may not be the end
My requiem is nigh

Have you fallen from the moon
Or from the monkey's eye?